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Ice dragon boat, It’s an innovation and extension project of traditional dragon boat sports. It maintains the competitive and technique skills of traditional dragon boat, breaking the season limitations of summer dragon boat with more speed and passion. It is a new winter sports combined with competitive, teamwork and entertainment. The sports create wonderful chances to experience the passion and excitement of ice dragon boat sport for the dragon boat athletes in the tropical and subtropical countries.

In order to make more people feel and share the ice dragon boat sport, In 2015, the senior dragon boat designer Mr. Luo Zhongyi initiated, prepared in 2016 and set up the International Ice Dragon Boat Federation (IIDBF). IIDBF has formulated ice racing rules,referee regulations and equipments standard. IIDBF became the official associate federation of International Dragon Boat Federation in 2017.

l Dragon Boat Sports had developed into 87 countries and regions

l 23 events around the world for the International Ice dragon Boat Series Racing     had been hosted by IIDBF. Over 15,000 athletes accumulated in the ice dragon boat sport worldwide.

l The two consecutive International Ice dragon Boat Series Ÿ Ottawa, Canada attracted more than 220,000 people watched the race on site in 2017 and 2018.

l lIt had been circularly reported by BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), ABC (American Broadcasting Corporation), CBC (Canada Broadcasting Corporation), Global News (North America), Canadian News Agency, China Xinhua News Agency , People’s Daily and CCTV Channels 1, 4, 5, and 13 in two years and gained extensive attention of hundred millions of people around the world.

l lOver 3.8 million viewers for the Ice dragon boat video on CBC (Canada Broadcasting Corporation) Facebook website.

l The first World Ice Dragon Boat Championship made this sport developed from the well-loved popular entertainment into an organized, systematic and standardized winter competitive sports .

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open a new chapter of ice and snow

Official Organization(IIDBF)

International Ice Dragon Boat Federation


International Ice Dragon Boat Federation(IIDBF)was established in the USA in January, 2016., The secretariat is located in Beijing, China.